What are Renée and Claire up to?!

We decided it would be best to build two new rooms to accommodate our growing team of physiotherapists and patients! Don’t worry, Renée and Claire have hired professionals to built … Read more

Vivian Germain - Orleans Physiotherapist at Moveo Physio - BHSc, MScPT


Vivian has joined our team of physiotherapists and she is more than happy to be offering bilingual services to the Orléans community! Vivian will be available starting next week. Check … Read more

What are Renée and Claire up to?! …

We are planning for new and exciting things at the clinic! A big thank you to Trefor Munn-Venn at Rhapsody Strategies for coaching us through this process and facilitating worthwhile discussions. We are looking … Read more

Three diagrams showing physiotherapy exercises to combat the problems from sitting too long

The Sitting Disease

Modern technology has made our lives easier in many ways, but it has brought multiple problems. Humans, nowadays spend much of their day in a sitting position. According to the … Read more

We had such a wonderful time…

We had such a wonderful time celebrating the one year anniversary of our friends at A Foot Above Fitness Inc. this past weekend. Wishing Zachary Boissinot and the trainers all … Read more

Happy Fall!

Summer is definitely fading away as we head into cooler temperatures. Some of you may not know this, but in our clinic, we have a skeleton to help our physiotherapists … Read more

Sport Physiotherapist providing exercise prescription at Orleans Physiotherapy clinic

Conditions we can help with

Orthopedic conditions; every joint in your body can be treated! Frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel, hip impingement, tendinitis, fractures, pelvis pain, to name a few. Post surgical conditions; some conditions require additional rehabilitation … Read more

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