Your First Visit

How should you prepare for your first visit at Moveo Sports and Manual Physiotherapy?

1. Bring a change of clothes!

If we are assessing the upper body, bring a shirt in which we can see your upper back and shoulders; if we are assessing the lower extremity; bring a pair of shorts and comfortable shoes.

2. Bring all health documentation 

Bring all health documentation related to your condition, such as imaging results, a prescription from your doctor. We are your first stop and you have not seen your doctor? No problem; we will start from there!

3. Be prepared to fill out paperwork.

This allows us to know more about you. This is also a time for you to read about privacy and confidentiality policies.

4. Expect your initial visit to last up to one hour.

This time is precious for our physiotherapist. They will access your condition, educate you on the findings, treat your condition, prepare and show an exercise program if appropriate and discuss post therapy care.

5. Will you need to rebook?

All conditions are different for every patient. Follow up appointments will be discussed after we meet you.


Watch this video to get a 360° view of your first visit!


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